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Our current litter are medium size F1 wavy red Goldendoodles. The mother is our Golden Retriever and the father is a 3 pound toy poodle.

They are available to go home now. Please contact us for details or to lock in your pup with a down payment. Click the button below to view the litter and see individual pups.

Thank you!

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F1 Medium Red Wavy

Penny the best momma!

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Pups are selected on a first-come-first-serve basis. We can't hold one just for the asking, but you are free to make a non-refundable down payment to choose your pup. This fee comes out of the overall rehoming fee so you just pay the balance when you pick them up. You are free to pick any pup not specifically reserved already. And you can go on a waiting list reserve for a pup should someone back out. If you don't care as much about markings and looks, we can help reserve one based on their personality that would best fit your home environment.

Click below to see the names of the specific pups and then please contact us using the form to reserve one by name.

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Looking for a doodle?

Hi! Welcome to Penny's Puppies! We are a small breeder of wonderful Goldendoodle doggies. These darling wavy pups make great family pets, they are great with children, great for allergy sensitive types, don't shed almost at all, and love to play! They are intelligent, friendly, cuddly, and happy!

You may have heard terms like "red Goldendoodle" or "mini Goldendoodle". Our current litter is bred from our purebred Golden Retriever (seen below) and a 3 pound red toy poodle named Blaze. This batch of pups turned out to be all red with a few small white patches on chest or chin or feet.

We insist you come visit and meet your puppy in person, we do no ship them or deliver them long distance, this is to make sure everybody meets each other and are a good fit. If you live in the Phoenix area, it's about an hour to two hour drive north, or from Flagstaff it's an hour and a half drive south. If you're coming from Mesa or Scottsdale or Peoria or anywhere, enjoy the weather up here when you come!

If you make a down payment or are highly motivated, we will drive the pup part way to meet you. Car rides can be a little rough at this age so we want to minimize travel.

I'm Penny!

I've been an excellent momma! I'm attentive to my pups and clean them up and fill their bellies and play games!


I'm Blaze!

I'm just so tiny, what's not to love!

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